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A Day at the Beach

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

One of our most frequent activites on the island is to just walk 100 yards to “our” beach. No, the beach is not actually ours. In fact, there are no private beaches on the island. We call it our beach beacuse (a) it is the closest to our house, and (2) when we go, we are ususally the only ones there unless we invite friends to join us.

From our beach, you can see 1/3 of the west coast of the island. The water close to the shore (approximatley 1/4 mile) is a beuatiful turquiose color, and then there is a sharp contrasting line at the drop-off. Above, the turquoise turns to a deep blue. Below, the depth plunges from 40 feet to ~7,000 feet.

The water is usually very calm, with small waves lapping on the shore and only tiny ripples further out. Yes, on a regular day, there’s not much in the way of surfing on Grand Turk. Of course, that’s when the wind is blowing in its usual westerly direction. Occasionally, the wind shift and starts to blow towards the East. This is generally accompanied by some rain and rough seas. It is not a very frequent occurance, but I’m getting pretty good at predicting them. All I have to do is call the dive shop and tell them I want to go diving tomorrow, and the wind usually shift a few hours later causing me to cancel my dive or deal with low visibility.

Anyway, we went to the beach the other day and decided that we had waited too long to post pictures of it, so we grabbed the camera. So, here’s the Eichlers enjoying a day at the beach:

Mommy, Harry, and Addie at Our BeachHarry and Addie at Our BeachDaddy, Harry, and Addie on Our Beach in Grand Turk