Food, Glorious Food

Two mornings ago I sent Allen off to Provo with a list of hard-to-find groceries and two coolers.  He was going to Provo for a bunch of meetings.  At 7pm, I got a call confirming he had missed his flight because his stop at the IGA grocery store took longer than expected.

I was disappointed and told him he should have skipped the grocery trip.  But when he arrived the next morning with arms full of blueberries, blackberries, whole grain bagels, cottage cheese, mangoes and filet mignon, I was thrilled he had gone to IGA even if he did miss his flight.

Addie ate an entire pint of blueberries ($6/pint…so don’t complain wherever you are) and most of the blackberries.  Food never excited me until arriving here.  Anyone who knows my dietary habits well knows that I will comfortably eat peanut butter and jelly for days on end.  Food was sustenance to me and not much more.  Not anymore.
I was literally giddy eating what might have been the finest steak of my life last night.  Maybe it was an average steak.  I’m sure my judgement was clouded by the salivation the sizzling steak brought on.  But, who cares?  It will go down as one of the best meals I’ve eaten in a long time.

The kids ate hamburger.  Allen and I weren’t in a sharing mood.  We love these kids, but the steaks were $11/each, we only had four total (two are for freezing to eat another day) and we were feeling stingy.  Don’t feel sorry for our culinary-deprived children - they were quite content with their hamburgers ;-)   Remember, we did spoil Addie with that pint of $6 blueberries yesterday morning.  And Harry assisted in polishing off nearly three mangoes this morning.   Mmm, I love a good mango, too.  Allen can miss his flight anytime so long as he comes back with the select groceries.

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