Our Grand Turk Arrival

We did it. We arrived in Grand Turk nearly as scheduled. Of course, our luggage is still back in Providenciales (aka Provo - the “big” island). Allen, Harry (age 3), Addie (age 22-months), me and our dogs Daisy and Kaya made it.

When we got off the plane in Grand Turk and realized only one of our 12 bags had made it, we were a bit disappointed. We looked at the other passengers and realized 90% of the other passengers’ luggage hadn’t made it either. Of course, when one Haitian woman saw the two large dogs being wheeled through the door, I heard nothing but cursing in her native tongue that two dogs would be more important than her luggage. Funny thing was, I knew they didn’t take more than four bags worth of space (our lack of baggage arriving alone took care of that). There had to be some other reason. I couldn’t tell her that, nor did I care to.

We would later find out that several movies are being shot on the island, and that it was the arrival of the camera equipment that caused the severe back up in luggage arrival. The plane can only carry a limited amount of weight. Maybe the Haitian woman found out and feels bad for causing such a scene over the dogs. Maybe, but I doubt it. Someone causing a scene like that often doesn’t care to know she was wrong.

We met Joel, one of Allen’s colleagues. He was our ride from the airport. After all of our safety in the US, and making sure I had the “best of the best” car seats, the dogs were loaded in the back of the truck, and the five of us loaded into the cab…no car seats or seatbelts were utilized. So strange and very uncomfortable. “Welcome to Grand Turk,” said Joel. “We were uncomfortable at first, too, with the idea of our kids not being in car seats, but we’ve sort of gotten used to it and drive very carefully.”

Anyhow, we’re here at last. It feels good just to have so much of the pain and suffering of trying to get here behind us. Ahhhhh! Next, we’ll have to check out the beach.

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