Harry’s Day in Paradise

One of the downfalls of living in paradise for kids is there aren’t a whole lot of other kids, let alone ones who are free to romp and roam.  Turns out, that’s also one of the great things.  Because most of a child’s entertainment comes in big kid format.

Today Harry got to experience life as a big kid, with all the big kid toys.  I’m afraid we may have created a monster.

The morning started out ordinary enough.  Well, ordinary for Grand Turk that is.  It was beautiful and sunny, and heading toward the mid-80s.  The kids had had a big day swimming at the Carnival Cruise center the day before, and their dad had to work all that Saturday, so we thought we’d have a bit of a low-key family Sunday.

We headed for the beach while Allen finished up some work.  The water had a bit of turtle grass churned up, but was still more than pleasant.  The kids ran in and out of the water, played on the beach and watched a snorkeler take off for a great adventure.

About an hour after arriving, our landlady and next door neighbor invited us to a beachhouse just behind us for a BBQ.  How could I turn that down?  At the BBQ, we met two reporters for American Way writing a story on the Turks and Caicos Islands, the primary aid to the Governor, the Governor’s new executive assistant, the director for the museum, the registrar for TCI’s Supreme Court and a few others.

We headed back to the house for Harry to have a potty break.  On the way out we hurried quickly to see a passing dunebuggy.  The driver, Carlos (who also happens to be our next door neighbor), stopped and asked Harry if he wanted a ride.  Harry didn’t answer, so I did…”Of course!  Thanks.”

Carlos took us around for about 10-minutes in his apple green dunebuggy with the wind through our hair.  He kept it rather slow because we didn’t have the requisitioned helmets and Harry was sitting on my lap.  While Harry kept his stoic face, I knew he was busting inside.  His one comment when we got off the dunebuggy was, “Grandpa was supposed to take me.”  Poor Carlos.  He gave Harry a thrill of a lifetime, but he just wasn’t Grandpa.  When he got out of the car, though, he was ready to dial the phone right there to call his Grandpa and tell him about the dunebuggy ride.
We headed back down to the BBQ, where they had brought out the Hoby Cat.  Harry ran right up to Joan (the landlady) and asked her if he could go for a ride.  She told him to ask  Hedley (our landlord), who, of course, said, “Let’s do it!”  And I was the thorn in his side saying, “We need our lifejackets first.”

Harry sprinted the entire way back to the house to get his lifejacket and get back down to the beach.  He made a beeline in his flourescent orange lifejacket w/ a grabstrap in the back (the grabstrap makes me feel a whole lot better) for “Mr.” Hedley to tell him he was ready.  Harry hopped on board and we shoved ourselves off the beach.

The views were nothing less than spectacular and the breeze was beyond delightful.  Harry was utterly mesmerized.  All told, we sailed for about 30-45-minutes.  During our sail, Harry yawned no less than seven times and needed some toothpicks to help prop open his drooping eyelids.  He was in Heaven.

I’ve never seen him that relaxed and calm with a new experience like this.  I didn’t know how he’d react to the water, since he doesn’t like to get his face wet or be splashed.  But you know?  I think that’s exactly what he loved about sailing.  It was smooth, serene, no splashing and no loud noises.  Sailing is definitely a sport for Harry.  It was a special home for him.

What a day for a three-year-old.  Mr. Carlos, I’m not sure Harry will be an Indie driver, but maybe if his Grandpa co-pilots, and he’ll definitely demand a green car! ;-)   Mr. Hedley, I think you’ve created a sailor!

2 Responses to “Harry’s Day in Paradise”

  1. sharon Says:

    so awesome…
    what a fresh perspective for Harry..
    it’s wonderful and extraordinary
    for all of you…
    i love you… and i miss you — sharoney xox

  2. Nicole(Daves daughter) Says:

    it sounds like Harry had a one heck of a time and I hope you all have fun…You are missed lots!

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